06 February 2009

Luxor: travel back in time

Travelling to a historical city is very exciting. Luxor is filled with historical places which is why it is called as the open air museum. Just look around you when you’re in Luxor and you’ll know why it’s called that. Everywhere you look there’s always something you just want to check out just like you would if you’re in a museum. Lots of monuments that had been preserved for so many years are still standing here.

Luxor is not just a recent major attraction. In fact, Luxor has been a major attraction for thousands of years! The Romans and the Greeks at their time had already recognized Luxor as a tourist destination. Now, Luxor remains as one of the world’s most favored destination especially by people who love to walk down the paths in history.

Check out the Luxor temple built by Amenophis III which is connected to Karnak temple or go and visit the Luxor museum where you’ll find ancient toms and statues from the Ancient Egypt. The Valley of the Kings is a chilling place to visit where you’ll find ancient tombs from the 18th to 19th Dynasties. Of course, visiting ancient tombs is very exciting. You’d see how the ancient Egyptians burry their dead and you’d also learn about how these people died through their tombs. It’s amazing what you can learn from the dead, really.

Travelling to Luxor is very rewarding and you must at least visit this place even once in your lifetime. It’s a must go to place and experience the past and enjoy the present.

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