05 February 2009

Free flights to Galapagos

Explore the beautiful islands of Galapagos while enjoying the accommodation aboard the Eclipse, one of the few very luxurious expedition cruise vessels to tour around the Galapagos. Explore the many islands in Galapagos such as Baltra, Darwin, Bartolome, Isabela and a lot more. Isn’t it great to lounge on a luxurious cruise ship without the hassle of too many tourists like you?

With Eclipse luxurious cruise ship, you’d be just 1 of the maximum of 48 total passengers. Not that much people on board so you can mingle without feeling too overcrowded. It also prides itself with the classic d├ęcor and great woodwork. You’d feel the luxury of this cruise just by walking along this small yet rich ship. Feel the ambiance and the breeze while dining at their al fresco dining space. Lounge around while enjoying the view of the Galapagos Islands and have as much fun and filled memories as you can. Bring your family along and enjoy this great experience together.

So, what do you get from choosing Eclipse ship? You won’t only have an extremely fun and exciting experience while you are aboard the ship but you can avail of their wonderful offer as well. If you choose to have your cruise aboard the Eclipse, you will also get a free air ticket to the Galapagos Islands. Not only that but you will get free entrance tickets to the Galapagos National Park as well and a 2-night stay at their selected 4-star hotel in the area. So, there’s really no reason for you not to choose the Eclipse cruise ship for your Galapagos Islands getaway!

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