27 February 2009

City break: Prague

Prague has been under communism for 40 years but is now back to being capitalist. It’s one of Europe’s very popular tourist destinations and deciding to have a vacation here is definitely worth the buck!

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and there are many sightseeing places here as well as restaurants and nightlife venues to cater their locals as well as the tourists. If you go to Prague make sure you visit their historical venues and enjoy the rich history of this beautiful city. Visit the Castle which is at the highest point of the city. Go and have your pictures taken at the Schwarzenberg Palace and after that, you can go and check out their Archbishop’s palace which is just the opposite of it. There are different museums too and kids would surely love visiting their Aircraft Museum.

If sightseeing is not really your thing and you prefer to have a full tummy then visit some of their great restaurants here. If you have your kids along then go to Albio which is a wholesome restaurant that caters both the olds and the little ones. For tacos and chimichangas, don’t miss out on Amigos. You’d definitely end up saying “delicioso”! For local foods, go to Country Life which is inexpensive and you’d be amazed that it’s always jam-packed!

And of course, if you are in Prague, visit their churches as well. They are religious people and it wouldn’t hurt if you pay your respect and be thankful for a wonderful trip to Prague that you are now enjoying.

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