24 February 2009

Holiday in Central America

When people talk about travelling around the world, many different places come to mind. However, one place that gets left out a lot is Central America. Anyone that has ever been there is asking, why not go there? Most people have the wrong idea about Central America, and thus, it does not get as many tourists as it once did. This is actually one of the main reasons to start going there again. The prices are very reasonable because of the lack of tourists, and on top of that, you do not have to deal with tons of crowds whenever you go.

One reason to go to Central America is because of the pristine rain forest that it offers. Due to the fact that there is a rain forest here, the area is full of multi-coloured birds, as well as howler monkeys. If that is not enough for you, then you can choose to go hiking or even river rafting. This is a place that is perfect for people who like a little adventure on their holiday. After, all of that you can head over to the Mayan ruins in Copan in Honduras. If you're looking for a little bit more rest and relaxation, then do not worry. Central America has you covered with that as well. Head over to the Bay Islands, where you can take some scuba diving lessons and see the dazzling coral reef under your feet!

All of this sounds pretty nice, right? But what about prices? Well, $8 will buy you a pretty hearty dinner there. Not only that, but most nice hotels are only about $25 a night! Some places will charge less if you do not mind sleeping in a hammock. Either way, you can see that this is not a place that is going to break the wallet. The flight will cost you more, prices start from £600 per person.

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