20 November 2008

Washington becomes the tourist destination as inauguration nears

After Obama won the election, Chicago became the “it” tourist destination as people from different parts of the country want to visit the places where the president-elect lives, buys books and occasionally eats. Chicago and its neighbouring cities are revamping their guided tours to accommodate tourists who want to know more about their president.

Now, all eyes are on Washington for the coming inauguration of the president elect. As the first African American president, this is certainly a historic moment and some won’t settle for television coverage – they have to be there to take part in the historic moment. Aside from this historic moment, the change of party has traditionally attracted a large number of crowds. Washington is well aware of the situation and is now preparing for the massive turnout of visitors across the country. The inauguration is basically not just a single event as parties and other festivities around the city will be certainly happening before and after the inauguration.

Because of the expected crowds, hotel rates may go up which is why travel experts are encouraging tourists to book in advance to ensure the rate and availability of rooms. Hotels and online booking agencies are even offering special packages specific to the inauguration. Ritz-Carlton is even offering a package called “Red, White, Blue and Green”. The price? A whopping $99,000.00. Tickets for the inauguration can be sought out from the senators. Each senator is allowed to give out specific number of tickets to the public who would like to attend the inaugural event. Contact your senator as soon as possible to gain tickets to this event.

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