05 November 2008

US tourists prefer Canada

Canadian geese are not the only animals you'll find in Canada, but they are definitely some of the most recognizable. The fact of the matter is that Canada has a lot of regions that mirror the weather in other parts of the world and for that reason is one of the world's untapped storages of tourism destinations. The Government of Canada has been saying this for years and now that the credit crunch and economic crisis has really hit the entire world, people are starting to take a much closer look at this country in tourism circles.

To people in the United States, Canada is an especially good place to go to as a tourism destination. After all, the drive up to the border is short for many people that live in northern states and once you're over you can use American Dollars to buy more in Canada than you could in the United States.

Overall, Canada is therefore a great destination for tourists from the US and the Canadian Government has already started to see significant increases in the amount of tourists they get from the United States. People in the US start to go to Canada instead of Europe or other places they might normally take an airplane to in order to enjoy their time off.

Canada is home to many excellent tourism destinations. Cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are great urban areas with lots to offer whereas the prairie provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta offer some of the most breathtaking natural beauty you are going to see in the world. The Atlantic Provinces are classic ocean-based tourism destinations and the northern area of Canada is great for anyone that wants to rough it.

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