11 November 2008

Going into the wild

One of the more interesting trends that the travel world is seeing at the moment is many people deciding that they would like to go into the wild this year for their Christmas vacation. In fact, if you take a look at surveys that have been done both in North America and across Europe, the end result is that people appear to be looking for ways to cut down on their vacation expenses this time around and one way that seems to have occurred to many people is to rough it in the wild for a couple of weeks.

Camping trips are expected to be very popular as families stretch out their money as far as it will go by hopping into the old car and then driving it to a campsite where they will spend part of their vacation. There is nothing written anywhere that says that Christmas can not be as enjoyable in the wilderness as it is in a large city and for that reason many people are seeing camping and hiking in the wilderness as a way to have an enjoyable vacation even though they do not have the extra cash this year to make that dream a reality in one of the cosmopolitan areas of the world.

European backpacking is another activity expected to be popular over the Christmas holidays as many people reclaim their youth by taking a second trek
across Europe with nothing but the bags slung over their shoulders. There is nothing quite like stopping in a handful of European cities to see how the different areas celebrate Christmas for giving you a truly global perspective on how the holiday goes down all over the place.

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