26 November 2008

One person one pay still holds in Canada

Those who declared themselves as “functionally disabled by obesity” should not fear paying more than what they ought to pay – even if their size would take two seats. Obese people should still be charged as one passenger even though he or she occupies two chairs during the flight. This has been imposed as a right and not just a privilege wherein obese passengers have to pay for two persons if the airline will force them to do so. As a right, obese passengers will just have to pay without any fear of penalty from the airline.

The initial decision was imposed by the Canadian Transport Authority. The airlines then opted to go to the higher court for an appeal. But instead of a hearing, the higher court refused to discuss the ruling. By declining the appeal of different Canadian airlines, the rule still holds that every passenger, no matter what their size is, will still have to pay as a single passenger and not based on how many chairs they occupy. The airlines are planning to appeal to the Supreme Court soon regarding the ruling. If the Supreme Court accepts the appeal then a trial will hold but if they will also decline the appeal, then it will place a stop to the dispute forever. WestJet, Air Canada Jazz and Air Canada are the airlines that will lead the appeal in the Supreme Court. No date yet is set for the appeal but the decision is expected to be made by the Supreme Court very soon.

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