23 July 2008

Villa or hotel in Corfu?

My holiday in Corfu while I was in university had been almost entirely erased by my boss in a London law firm post room a few years ago. He was a mean old man who would spend all day sitting around while we ran like insane little ants delivering paperwork and half the time he would stop anyone who made the mistake of entering his office and show them a 30 minute video from his holiday in Corfu and then about a 100 pictures. The other half of the time he was planning his next holiday there.

But I have to admit, having seen the video quite few times (and laughing at his flat jokes) that he had just as good a time as I did. Back then I was on a trip organised by uni so we were running from room to room in the hotel, getting into trouble and being told that making noise at 3am is not acceptable, even in Greece.

But this guy, my old boss, he had booked a villa. Now that is style. You book your own villa with some friends, split the costs and enjoy the amazing views, the pool, and the absence of anyone telling you that it's too late to party or that you just missed breakfast. Sure, you have to cook for yourself, but you can opt to eat at the various tavernas nearby.

On the other hand, you can always go for the hotel option, and be nearer to the larger towns and clubs. Corfu is used to catering to tourists and is one of most popular destinations for tourists from the UK. British Airways does flights to the island's Kapodistrias airport and you can reach other destinations on the island by bus or car.

There is a reason Corfu is such a popular destination. It has a strange mixture of culture and architecture because of its proximity to Greece and Italy, and the contact it has with both cultures. Although it is unequivocally Greek, there are still elements from back when the Italians were in charge. Elements of its beautiful architecture have been retained, in contrast to other large islands in Greece, such as Crete, and it is an island where you can enjoy the architecture in the towns just as much as the beaches, bars and resorts.

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Anonymous said...

villa for sure. Hotels are not hygenic any more