15 July 2008

Sunblock or Sunscreen for this summer?

Its a sunny summer day and you casually engage in a light and trivial office conversation, say around holidays for instance. How on earth, did you end up in the middle of an out-of-the-blue office crisis over a trifling matter?

Well, at least we gained something out of the argument, everyday you learn something new. And that is merely because, especially in the office you get more stubborn and take it to placing a bet with the Internet playing the referee’s role.

So, is it sunblock or is it sunscreen? Many use the terms interchangeably causing distress.
The fact of the matter is that sunscreens function very specifically; they protect you by absorbing the ultraviolet light from sunrays not to harm your delicate skin. Sunblocks though, do something rather different and that is literally blocking UV rays. Although more efficient sunblocks might be, most products are still messy and visible because of their thick consistency.

No sooner had we discovered that experts totally refrain from using the term sunblock as there is no product in the market able to block sunrays in their entirety, that even clothes allow a percentage of radiation to reach your skin and wearing a t-shirt is like wearing a week sunblock than we got completely confused and frustrated with the whole sunblock – sunscreen bet.
The situation was finally resolved when we found out the following; although some products are simple sunscreens, regardless of the sunblock label they carry, most top label products integrate sunscreening and sunblocking qualities for an efficient protection.

So, there you go! No winners but no losers.
My piece of expert's - as I have become - advice? When investigating the market for your next sun lotion purchase look for ingredients which sound like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, Mexoryl SX or Tinosorb and you will be cool under the sun...

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