16 July 2008

Venice city break, I'll get you next time

I was so excited to go to that wedding in Venice last year! One of my best friends decided she wanted a proper princess wedding in one of the most romantic settings in the world. So off we all went to Venice. Arriving there was strange. We were sailing along the water and out of nowhere buildings sprouted out of the water.

We got off the shuttle boat that took us to the city from the airport and walked on to a grand square lit up beautifully, and wandered through to the sound of string bands playing classical pieces, a different band for each of the restaurants. We then proceeded to find the palazzo where the bride to be was staying, through a maze of narrow alleys, between buildings that rose many floors above. These alleys led to bridges, dead ends, canals and doorways, but eventually we found our way to the palazzo.

We spent the next couple of days wandering the streets like the other tourists, taking pictures, buying mementos, but my favourite experience had to be getting up early the morning of the wedding and getting a cappuccino in a local cafe with a group of builders and plumbers. It is by far the best cappuccino I have ever had.

Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding and the party that followed it, I stayed in the sun for far too long, which resulted in my passing out shortly after the speeches were made by the best man and the in-laws. It also stopped me from drinking bellini after bellini like the rest of the guests, however the unequaled beauty of the city stayed with me and I feel the urge to go back and visit those narrow alleyways again, perhaps because I did not enjoy myself as much as I would have liked and it was my own fault. So I've been checking out hotels and hostels and you can find some very good deals at AccorHotels, Expedia and Ebookers.

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