10 July 2008

Rock Climbing Holiday UK - Can I just chill by the pool?

I know that many of you out there are totally confused with this year’s summer in the UK. Many of you believe summer came and went urgently in those couple of weeks in June, while others more optimistic, believe we haven’t seen anything yet, nevertheless my roof window was dripping yesterday from the “summer” rain. Anyway, for those sun-hungry souls out there I say: summer hasn’t arrived yet, so get prepared.

You might love getting barbecued under the scorching sun of Greece or Portugal over a book or engage into underwater voyeurism – snorkeling as some prefer to call it. But I bet many of you can’t believe many dare-devils out there anticipate summer time to start climbing up sharp, steep rocks jeopardizing ending up in scattered pieces. Yep, its all about rock climbing.

I have personally experimented with rock climbing a couple of times and I can say that it is very enjoyable but definitely very demanding sport from both a physical and a psychological perspective.

I was quite amazed, as you can imagine, finding out that many Britons actually practice it in the flat as a pancake UK. Apparently, and I was shocked to discover that, there are plenty of ideal locations in a close proximity to London as well; Somerset, Bristol, North Wales, Dartmoor, Portland & the Peak District attract thrill-hungry Brits who mistake themselves for mountain goats.

Of course the whole thing is heavily regulated. Prior to attending a training course you must be registered with the Mountain Leader Training Board (MLTE) and have received a logbook while there are other qualifications as well in regards to locations and skills like the SPA.

So there you go, if you fancy Tom Cruise-in-mission-impossible-style vacation go ahead, I have given you the heads up... and by the way you will find me chilling by the pool.

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