18 July 2008

Qantas to cut 1,500 jobs

The last 12 months cannot possibly have been fun for Qantas, what with strikes over pay, the whole cargo price fixing debacle, the Australian airline has now announced it will be cutting 1,500 jobs from their workforce, due to their difficulty in dealing with soaring fuel prices.

Fares have been raised, their projected growth for 2008-2009 has been reduced to 0%, the hiring of 1,200 new staff has been thrown out the window and there is no guarantee that there will not be any further job cuts. A lot of the jobs that are being cut are in management, offices and call centres, mainly in Australia, the US and the UK, and it is all due to the rise in the price of oil, as is the trend in everything recently.

The Australian government have stated that they are very disappointed with the decision to axe so many jobs, but they will do their best to help those affected. Other airlines that have had to cut flights, budget branches of their company, fire staff or stop development include British Airways, United Airlines, Virgin, and many many more, all over the world. The price of oil is affecting all transportation branches and it will affect domestic and international tourism in every country.

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