29 May 2009

Travel Foundation: Make Travel Greener

Make Travel Greener is a campaign that was launched by the Travel Foundation and they aim that through this campaign they will be able to enlighten and educate up to 10,000 trade members to fully understand the green issues by end of 2009.

The Travel Greener campaign is just worth 30 minutes of your time. It’s a training and test session and several members of the Travel group had already signed up and they took the tests.

ABTA promises to promote the quiz to their members and will make it a part of their Accredited Travel Professional Programme where their agents could then be able to just download their certificates online.

The chief executive of Travel Foundatin, Ms. Sue Hurdle also said that “There are still a lot of people in our industry who do not know much about responsible travel. This is the biggest educational campaign we have ever launched. But it only takes a tea break to complete."

The foundation believes that this test will help the staff to respond to the questions of their customers about the environmental awareness that is rapidly growing today since the problem with global warming is on the rise and the effects is already felt.

It would be great to share this test to everyone you know and it should be passed around to as many companies and people as possible so that everybody would learn about responsible and ethical tourism.

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