27 May 2009

Hidden beaches of Crete

It’s already a fact that the beautiful Crete Island in Greece features some of the best beaches in the world. But they could be crowded especially during the summer months in Europe.

But even with the crowd in the island, you can still get away from them all and enjoy the island with very few tourists in sight. There are still beaches and small islands in Crete that offers privacy with breathtaking view.

First is the Red Beach. Although it’s a little bit challenging to get there since a little bit of hiking is required, the uniqueness of the beach will soothe your weary feet. The beach is located near Matala Beach which could be your point of arrival if you’re going to the Red Beach by boat.

The second hidden secret of Crete Island is the Grameno Beach. This beach is divided into three and they all offer a scenic view. Highly recommended is the center wherein the sands are finer compared to the other two. There are a few taverns there so you might want to bring food or water.

The Preveli Beach is a highly recommended for everyone who wants privacy. It’s a very breathtaking beach that almost resembles a lagoon. Instead of fine white sand, pebbles dominate the shore but they don’t really hurt the feet. Just wear flip-flops especially when the sun is up.

You can enjoy privacy in Crete Island although it’s full of tourists every year. A little hike from the popular beaches in the island could lead you to its hidden wonders.

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