01 May 2009

Pearls and bargains in Tahiti

Papeete is the French Polynesian capital and it is known to be the urban centre of French Polynesia. If you travel anywhere in French Polynesia, you’d be transported first to Papeete before you could reach your other destinations so it’s best to spend at least a day or two here and enjoy their beautiful archipelago.

Check out the market in Papeete, maybe you’ll find something that interests you. Ask for bargains when you can so you can get great purchases at drop down prices! There are several museums in Papeete too that showcase their rich heritage. The Museum of Tahiti is the most famous because of its cultural collections. The Tahitian black pearl is kept in the Tahiti Perles Centre and it’s really worth a visit because it’s a very rare type of pearl and they keep it here as an ultimate treasure.

Of course there are other things you can do here but mostly you’ll enjoy sightseeing and art appreciation. There are many art galleries here that your eyes would feel sore! Craft shops are plenty as well as they have brilliant crafters in Papeete.

If you like to enjoy the beach then there are many water activities that await you. They have different watersports activities such as wakeboarding, parasailing and many more. Bain Lot is a popular beach resort in Papeete and many come here to bask in the sun, enjoy the clear water and just have a lot of fun.

You will surely enjoy your stay in Papeete so next time you go to French Polynesia, make sure you drop by Papeete.

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