29 May 2009

Red Sea for divers

The Red Sea is one of the most known destinations in the world. The Red Sea is a 365-day destination as the weather here is perfect all the time. You’d enjoy the awesome beach with the shoreline going for several miles. The Red Sea is also known for its great coral reefs and they have one of few best reefs in the world!

The Red Sea is a premier diving destination and you can reach the Red Sea from Europe at a not-so-expensive rate that many Europeans usually choose the Red Sea for their vacations. The prices here are reasonable and its tropical climate lures more tourists. Several of the popular resorts here are packed with tourists such as the Sharm el Sheikh and the Hurghada and a lot of divers stay in these resorts. Marsa Alam is a bit far south and is the perfect resort for those who wants a bit of solitude and doesn’t want a jam-packed tourist resort but it is not as highly developed as the 2 most popular resorts but it’s worth it for those who just wants to relax and enjoy the beach and its reefs.

The Red Sea is indeed the best place for diving enthusiasts as you wouldn’t find any better variant of marine life than here. You would also feel great knowing that you’ve been to a place that was actually mentioned in the Bible where Moses is said to have crossed the Egyptians away from the Pharaoh.

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