10 December 2008

Open Sky Agreement for Singapore

Singapore opened up its skies to the world by signing with Romania and Zambia an Open-Skies Agreement (OSA). The countries involved have agreed to open their skies so that the airlines from these countries could go to and through these countries. This agreement is applied to both cargo and passenger airlines.

The agreement of Singapore and Romania has increase the number of European countries that is easily accessible by Singapore. With the inclusion of Romania, 16 European countries now have an OSA agreement with Singapore. This will greatly give different airlines in Singapore more access and easier flight routes to key destinations in Europe.

The agreement with Zambia on the other hand, is a little bit historical for Singapore. Zambia became the first African country to have ties with Singapore in OSA. Their agreement would add flights to and from Singapore which is essential for Zambian tourism. Singapore on the other hand will enjoy relaxed flight routes as Zambia is located at the center of South Africa and will provide easier access to neighboring countries.

The OSA was signed during the International Civil Aviation Organization Air Services Negotiation Conference. This event was held in Dubai for three days from the 24th to the 27th of November. This event aims to be the place for negotiation between countries and different agreements such as OSA will be established.

Singapore now has flights to more than 60 countries around the world and this is only based on Changi Airport, Singapore’s biggest airport.

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