15 December 2008

Expedition cruises to Alaska

Alaska could be considered a hidden secret of the USA. The challenges of the weather and the sheer distance of Alaska to the mainland has always made tourists think twice in going to this beautiful and - often dubbed as mysterious - state.

But learning more about Alaska and its beauty is now easier and more comfortable when you consider going there on a cruise ship. Alaska is near enough for those in the US and the price of the cruise ships are very competitive and might even be lower compared to more popular Carribean destinations.

Going There

The best time to be in a cruise for Alaska is from July to August. Although the season starts in May and ends in August, the best weather conditions in Alaska could be experienced during this two-month period.

When travelling on a cruise to Alaska, you'll most likely visit different ports in major cities in Alaska. From the fish packing port in Ketchikan to Sitka where the area used to house a Russian outpost, the places have always something unique to offer. In between these destinations you'll be visiting glaciers, and could get up close to the wildlife that's only offered in Alaska.

Glaciers vs. Inland

Tour packages in cruises could be divided into two categories - the glacier route or the inland route. The inland will take you to remarkable places in Alaska while the glacier will take you more to the wildlife based on cold conditions of Alaska.

But whatever route you'll be choosing, you will always have something new to see in the cruise. Alaska might not ring any bell of tourism immediately but one just needs to be on a cruise to appreciate this state more.

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