05 December 2008

Going down under in Australia

Australia has always awed travellers from around the world since the Europeans first landed in this massive island. The natural beauty of Australia is very popular as any type of nature-related activity could be experienced in this country. The smallest continent in the world will always have something to offer to its tourists especially in the summer.

Bush walking

This term is first used in Australia and a very popular term in the country early on. If this is your first time in Australia, bushwalking is probably the first adventure that you’ll like the most. This started in 1920 and it was referring to activities that require exploration of different parts of the country. Every summer, there will always be a place that you’ll be visiting that will give you something to enjoy. The vast wilderness of Australia has attracted tourists from around the country and it will continue to do so.

Free Range Driving

This island in the southern hemisphere is connected by more than 22,000 miles of road. If you have an international driver’s license, you can rent a car and enjoy the Australia without too much heat and you can visit more places. Just remember to drive at a maximum of 60kph in large cities and 50kph in smaller cities.

Water Based Activities

Australians are known for their excellence in water based activities. You can experience that first hand by visiting any of the beaches in Australia. This might be the best time to learn surfing or even become a certified diver in a week or two.

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