23 December 2008

Naturalist cruise to Galapagos

Galapagos has become a premier tourist destination especially for those who prefer to be closer to nature. The exotic islands in Galapagos – each with its own distinct weather condition are no longer just a heaven for biologists and scientists, everyone now has access to the best of Galapagos.

Because of the accessibility of Galapagos, cruises that focus on this destination are now popular. This type of cruise isn’t just a vacation with beautiful places to visit; it’s a cruise full of information. Every cruise that goes to Galapagos has a team of naturalists aboard who have vast knowledge and experience in the island. Lectures are usually conducted onboard the cruise ship if you want to know more about the island. Guided tours of the islands are of course, part of the package. There you will realize that the islands has not only the Komodo Dragons but a diverse natural setting that could be found only in Galapagos.

Even though it’s a cruise full of information and discoveries, the fun and relaxing part of the cruise is still there. The combination of a relaxing vacation in the water while in close interaction with nature are the reasons why cruises to Galapagos are very appealing.

The competition in cruises in the recent years has also made Galapagos cruise affordable for everyone. The whole family could now enjoy the relaxing experience of cruises while learning a lot of things about the island.

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Anonymous said...

Galapagos is really a natural place to travel via cruises and the cruises that provides that facility also provide a on board discussion for new travelers .