19 May 2008

Big Fish!

What film does first come in your mind when hearing words like pristine waters, unique animals, remote locations, thousands of wild trout and big fishes?

It's becoming obvious I am talking about the fabulous ''Big Fish''. The only difference here is the true thing behind the whole ''fishing'' story. However, I can't prove my claims unless you experience it for yourself.

The host Bob McKinley is there to guide you to the Tasmanian fishing experience in one of the world famous trout fisheries. He is a professional guide with 30 years experience, fully licensed and accredited member of the Tasmanian guides association.

Fish Wild Tasmania's excellence in guiding and customer service as well as the variety of tailored tours from 1 to 5 days depending on your requirements will surprise you throughout the entire touring experience.

After that, you will have your own fish stories to narrate about ;)

Fish Wild Tasmania


Anonymous said...

I've been fishing around the North Island of NZ, but never in Australia. Have you actually gone fishing here?

Anonymous said...

I am not dedicated but I ve been around few nice spots in Aus. What are you looking for specifically?

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about the particular guide but I happened to be fishing around there a couple of times with friends. In all truth, the fishes were massive...can't speak for giant fishes though ;)