20 May 2008

Siam Niramit - the Show of the World

It is said that it's one of the largest world stage productions and it seems all true. The Special Effects based on State-of-Art-Technology makes Siam Niramit one of the most amazing and high rated Shows in the world.

This is a spectacular show of Thai Arts and Culture whose highlight represents five dimensions: beauty, amazement, magnitude, joy and cultural value. Taking place in the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam of Bangkok, the show is the leading event of various spectaculars situated in Bangkok's City Centre.

If though you wish to extend your tour day admiring additional little pieces of Bangkok's local culture you can simply spend the whole evening touring of the model villages or enjoying dinner at one of the 3 on-site restaurants.

By the end of the day you will have realized that you learned the most essential part of the country's history by filling up your mind with memorable pictures of their beautiful customs and traditions.

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