23 May 2008

Downtown Montreal Hotel - Delta Centre-Ville

Montreal is a city featuring a 21st century’s construction enormity blending with the tender aura of the old city. For romantic couples, tourists or business travellers looking for a convenient Montreal Hotel, Delta Centre-Ville could prove to be a valuable asset.

Delta Centre-Ville’s location, being just on the verge of Montreal citycentre, actually echoes old and new Montreal’s best attributes. In similarly close proximity to vibrant nightlife, cute boutique shops, top-tier world cuisine and Montreal’s famous joie de vivre, lodgers will have no trouble getting anywhere they choose in no time. The convention centre is literally two blocks down the road, making its access - especially with the underground passageway - a 3-minute walk issue, thus ideal for business travellers.

The Montreal Hotel itself tenders a clean and relaxing indoor swimming pool, neighbouring the spa facilities which have been consistently praised from past visitors for the ambience and the value-for-money services. Crowning the Delta Centre-Ville’s ostentatious building from the 30th floor is Montreal’s only revolving rooftop restaurant called Tour de Ville, spoiling dinners with amazing “periscopic” views of the city. The food is of high standard although the price tags do reflect its exclusivity.

The recent parking renovations proved to be vital as the parking fees outside the hotel’s area are rather steep as expected since the hotel is within the city limit.Most probably Delta Centre-Ville’s biggest quality is its location, standing in the boundary of two eras but more importantly within a walking distance to literally everything worthy in Montreal.



Unknown said...

This type of hotels always meet the demands.

Anonymous said...

Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities to visit. They have been successful in combining the charm of the old city with the modern appearance of the new.