08 May 2008


Surfers, may I have your attention please?

I am minutes away from leaving the UK to spend my holidays in Australia. Having said before that I would love to be able to surf on huge waves like a proper surfer I think this is a good chance to take some action on it.

Although I have gathered much information on good Australian schools I want to make sure I will take the most out of my surfing experience. So, your professional opinion or any kind of experience on the field would be more than welcomed.

I have heard the best words about 'Lets Go Surfing' school located in the world-famous Bondi Beach. Fantastic waves, year-round sun, cool beachside vibes and stunning sunbathing models. It's also recommended either for first timers or surf fanatics and their teaching skills are based on high professionalism and friendliness.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

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