16 May 2008

Oman - a historic land of forts

A high number of historical monuments is certainly what makes a place worth visiting but what about a beautiful country with numerous castles, towers, tombs, archeological sites, natural Wonders and thousands of forts?

Oman is fascinating travelers offering a diversified land of historic ruins, monuments, golden deserts and caggy mountains. Mingle with the natural decoration of exotic and endangered fauna and flora, this city is a true jewel for Arabia.

However, the most interesting part of Oman's history seems to be its forts. There are thousands of them still in existence known as Ql'at which are used as military defensive structures.

It is recommended that a drive with your own private car will help you discover the wonders of Oman as you travel through the sublime beauty of its forts and mountains. Moreover, a taste of the local life at the busy open cattle market as well as the involvement with friendly merchants will make you feel like having lived there for years.

Private Day Tour to the Enchanting Forts of Nizwa

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