06 July 2009

The way we travel and tweet about it

The latest incident of an airline crashing into Hudson River has shown a couple of achievements – among them is how technology spreads news like wildfire. Aside from the obvious news that the pilots and the rest of the crew never had serious training for this incident, photos and updates regarding the passengers were circulating online via Twitter before any major news network picked up the news.

For those unfamiliar, Twitter is regarded as the next generation blogging platform. Instead of the usual blogs, Twitter will only allow you to post up to 140 characters. This form of blogging is called “micro-blogging” and the post could be implemented from practically everywhere especially from your mobile phone. Photos could also be posted as well to the same account directly from mobile phones.

Twitter is now being adopted by practically everyone especially well known personalities in certain industries and travel is not exempted. Visit three or four websites owned by travel industry personalities and be sure that one of them is already “Twittering”. You can follow their updates from your own Twitter account. From their tips you can get real time updates on travel deals, news about the travel industry or simply their reaction on certain travel news. The best part of Twitter is that you can also react to their posts and the author of the posts should be able to see them in real time as well.

Adopt the latest in blogging technology. Twitter and other micro-blogging tools will help you get in touch with as many people as possible which could greatly help your knowledge about the travel industry.

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