02 July 2009

Watching whales and dolphins

In Whakatane, New Zealand, you can come and swim with the dolphins or watch the beautiful and gigantic whales. It’s a lot of fun and even kids would surely enjoy this amazing adventure. It surely is a kind of experience that you will never ever forget. Lots of tourists flock Whakatane just to have this experience. There are boat rides regularly that you can book so you can set sail with no worries.

Don’t forget to take pictures or home videos while you enjoy being in the company of the kind dolphins and friendly whales. If you don’t want to swim with the whales and you just want to see them, you can just stay in the boat and watch them go near the boat to greet you. Yes, these whales and dolphins don’t fear humans as they are well protected in Whakatane. You could even touch them or feed them as long as you are well supervised by experienced crewmembers.

Snorkel together with the dolphins. Lots of people fly from faraway places to Whakatane just to have this experience. Sure there are other places in the world that lets you swim with dolphins but none can compare to Whakatane. You can also meet their friendly whales such as Minke, Orca, Finn and Pilot whales.

Whales and dolphins may be the star but seals can also be seen during the duration of your trip. Ocean birds would also be flying on top of you, waiting for some food to nibble so make sure you bring some for these flying friends too.

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