17 July 2009

Philippines Barrio Fiesta in London

Every year, the Filipino community in London celebrates the Philippines Barrio Fiesta or Philippine town Festival in London and this year it will be held on July 18 to 19 at Lampton Park in Hounslow, London.

This year is a very special one as it marks the 25th year anniversary of the said celebration in London and it’s expected to also be the biggest Barrio Fiesta yet where many Filipinos and Brits would come to attend and they are expecting at least 80,000 people to come and celebrate this special celebration.

The Philippines Barrio Fiesta would be like any other barrio fiestas in the Philippines where there are lots of local foods being served to just about anybody who would come and celebrate with them. Houses are usually open to everyone to come and eat their served foods to celebrate their town fiesta. If you come and celebrate at Lampton Park this July 18 to 19, expect lots of pork barbecues as well as some delicious Filipino dishes such as adobo (chicken or pork in soy sauce), kare-kare (curry) and pancit (noodles). Also, make sure you try some of Filipinos dried foods such as tuyo “dry fish”.

Once you have taken part to this festival you can’t really compare the way Filipinos celebrate as it’s filled with sharing and laughter.

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