24 June 2009

The secret of Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru and the centre of almost everything in the country. For that reason, it’s no wonder why the city have a good number of museums, churches and other historical structures that will surely entertain any tourist. The city even has an archeological site which proves the area has been inhabited as early as year 500.

But with all the structural and archeological finds in the city, there is a little known reason among seasoned travellers for visiting this beautiful city: Islas Palomino.

This beautiful island is accessible through Callao which is one of the ports of the city. A quick boat ride from this port will lead you to this enchanted and well protected island. Of course, Islas Palomino has a beautiful golden sanded beach but that’s not really the reason why this island stands out. This island will get you closer to sea lions, Guanay cormorants and other sea creatures. You can walk towards the sea lions and have a closer look on their activities. In fact, you are even allowed to go out and swim with the sea lions – an experience not allowed in other areas in the country.

Take time to visit this small but remarkable island of Lima. It will take you away from civilization and get you closer to nature. You don’t even have to spend too much since the island is very close from the port. A day in the island will ensure lasting memories of the city.

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