11 June 2009

Larnaca holiday deals

You’ll not only enjoy the sunny skies of Larnaca but you’ll definitely love the beautiful sandy beaches and the deep sea that’s just perfect for diving (if you are a risk-taker) or just enjoy boating around. This is said to be a favourite destination for tourists or travellers who own yachts.

Enjoy the ocean view as you sip some coffee in the coffee shops near the beaches. Aside from that, Larnaca has several tourist attractions that are really worth checking out such as the ancient city ruins that you can still visit after thousands of years. In The Old Testament Larnaca is known as Kition so it’s just great to come to this place and say you’ve been to a biblical place!

The Ancient Kition is still found in the north western side of Larnaca where some of its ruins are still featured. 5 temples from the 13th century BC are still visible and you can come and have your picture taking there. The Palm Tree Promenade is a perfect place for a walk in the afternoon or for a short coffee break in one of the cafes facing the beach. Take the time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

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Kition said...

Kition, former primeval city concealed beneath Larnaca; Cyprus, is city of great historical, archeological, architectural consequence. From wars of Mycenaeans and the Phonicians to native hero, Zeno, from pre-greek era to Significent incidences of life of Jesus to arebic raiders, the city has it all.