18 June 2009

Macau - gambling paradise made in China

Macau is known to be the Asian version of Las Vegas. There are hotels and casinos everywhere! Many Asians come here to gamble and it’s more active at night than during the day time but of course, casinos never close so some casino gamblers stay in the casino for days without ever leaving in the hopes that they’d win big.

Of course Macau is not just a gambling paradise. A matter of fact, Macau was a very peaceful city decades ago and in just a few years everything around it had changed into this gambling paradise. Macau is still rich in different attractions that you’ll love. Make sure you travel around Macau by foot as that’s the best way to explore every inch of the place. You won’t really get lost here as it’s easy to find your way around.

There are lots of churches and temples around Macau as well as some old buildings. Make sure you check out the Bodhisatta Avalokitesvara statue that is just next to the Sands Casino. It looks like a European statue despite resting in a Chinese land. Macau tower also offers you a fantastic view and sports so do check that out as well.

Just like any other Chinese city, in Macau you’d enjoy street foods too. They have exquisite taste and it’s fun to taste their delicacies here. You may not like all of them but for sure you’d find some you’d want. Also, Macau is just a ferry away from Hong Kong so if you want to see Hong Kong you won’t have difficulty going there at all and you can come back whenever you want to.

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