21 September 2011

UK Airport to Test Lie Detector

Lie detectors are used to determine if theperson’s statement is true. It’s an intricate device that monitors heart rateand other reactions to the questions and the statements they make. Althoughit’s not a strong proof that a person actually tells the truth, it is used inseveral events.

UKairports will now implement the same technology to beef up security. The uniquefeature of the lie detector in the airport is its ability to tell if a personis lying without extra gadgets or wires attached to the airline passenger. Thistype of lie detector was developed at the University at Bradford.The device was designed by Hasan Ugail, a professor of visual computing fromthe same university.

The method of determining if the personactually lies through the device is through thermal imaging. The lie detectorcan detect subtle changes in the facial expression and heat coming from theperson’s body. The information coming from the thermal scanner is then fed tothe database which will determine if the person is actually lying.

Testing the device in UK airports can be quite tricky especially when the public knows where the device is installed.For this reason, the authorities did not disclose the actual location where thedevice is currently in use. Some say that it may cause some privacy concernssince it can reveal more than it should especially with the use of thermaldetectors. No one knows where the detector is installed and a passenger couldbe scanned right now without being aware of the process.

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Bruno said...

Wow! This was inevitable wasn't it? What's next? X-ray vision? Oh wait! they already do that.