18 April 2011

Enjoying a Trip to Mauritius

Mauritius is a small nation composed of several islands in the southwest Indian Ocean. It’s an increasingly popular tourist destination because of its beautiful waters, attractive economic setting and peaceful environment. The island’s located in the southeast of the African content and its nearest neighbor is the country of Madagascar in the west.
Going to Mauritius
As an island, there are only two options for tourists to reach the island: by air or by sea. By Air, tourists arrive in Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport through various major airlines especially Air Mauritius. By sea, ferry boats from Madagascar often provide transportation for tourists visiting different islands in the area.
Places of Interest in Mauritius
Grand Bay – every tourist visiting Mauritius should visit this picturesque beach on the main island. It’s the choice for tourists seeking a good place to stay with nightly activities that last until the early morning.
Pereybere – another popular beach in the mainland but its popularity is more down to its numerous restaurants and pubs.
Blue Bay – the southeast area of the island is the best part of the country when it comes to beaches. Its amazing white sand continues to draw tourists and its glass bottom boat tour is the perfect activity to appreciate the local fish.
Tips to Enjoy the Island
Aside from enjoying the beaches of Mauritius, other activities such as jungle safari and tours of historic and religious places will provide tourists with a better picture of the country’s past. When it comes to water conditions, the east and west coast of the island offer different experience in the water. The west is a lot hotter and the eastern portion is generally windier.

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