17 March 2009

Past and present in Hastings

Hastings is a Borough in East Sussex, England. This place had been known for its history that dates back in 1066 with the battle between the Saxons and the Normans. It was at Hastings that King Harold Godwinson was defeated by the duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror. Because of its great history, many tourists go here and see what Hastings is all about and what it can offer today.

Hastings is known for its fishing industry because it does not have a natural harbour. There are old net shops in the Old Town where going there feels like you’re walking back in time. These very old net shops are still being used by fishermen today.

In the Old Town they celebrate the Seafood and Wine Festival as well as the Old Town Week by August. There are several festivals held in Hastings and they celebrate the beer festival and they also have the Hastings week which makes a procession of torches and of beach bonfires and fireworks.

Since it’s well-known for its fishing industry, it’s no question that you can find several marine activities here. There’s the Blue Reef Aquarium as well as the Shipwreck Museum where you can find an awesome display of marine life and the museum displays actual ship wrecks and the artefacts discovered from them.

If you love everything about the sea, visiting Hastings is a must. You’ll enjoy the beach, the lifestyle and the rich history as you can actually walk where the famous explorers and conquerors used to walk back at their time.

It is good to know that every summer there is a festival taking place there: Hastings Beer and Music Festival.

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