18 March 2009

Must-see spots in South America

When travelling to South America, there are a number of things you want to check out. After all, there are a ton of great cities in this area and make sure that you hit the best cities first. We are going to talk about the top cities that are a must-see when in South America.

First, head to Rio de Janeiro. This is a wonderful city and it is very historical. For many travellers, this is the highlight of their trip. The good news is that this is a very friendly tourist zone of South America, and it has a lot of great beaches as well. Many people know this area for having the big giant Jesus statue that sits high on Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Next you can head over to La Paz, which is the capital city of Bolivia. This is the highest capital city in the world, and it lies in some very impressive snow capped mountains. The great thing about this place is that is has a great mix of both traditional and modern life. They have a lot of great shops over there and it really is the forgotten city when it comes to tourists. However, if you visit this place, you will see that people are going to start, once again, visiting this forgotten gem and you will meet tourists from various countries.

Another city to visit is Cuzco. Now, this city is famous for its ruins. In fact, it has the Sun Temple, as well as the Lost City of the Incas. This is a great place for people who really want to see the heart of South America.

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