30 March 2009

Holidays in San Juan

Staying in San Juan for one day is not enough if you’re looking to enjoy the best of the city. Besides, it took you hours to fly there, so take your time and enjoy the place.

Although it’s only a part of Puerto Rico, San Juan has a variety of districts offering the best of both worlds – the modern amenities to ensure comfort for any traveller but with historical flair that would educate at the same time.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of time travelling in Puerto Rico to get to San Juan. The international airport of Puerto Rico is located in Isla Verde, one of the districts of San Juan. If you love the beach, you might not even get out of this district since numerous resorts are virtually minutes away from the airport. Aside from Isla Verde, the district of El Condado should also have beautiful beaches with family friendly resorts.

But San Juan is more than golden sanded beaches; the city is also an important part of Puerto Rico’s history. Visit the Old San Juan district to see the historical structures that was built during the 1500s. You don’t need to have a tour guide to visit them all. The district is only ten blocks but will transport you to the very early years of Puerto Rico.

Keep in mind that San Juan is a tropical city and a well known tourist destination. Always be on your most comfortable clothing and always wear sun block to avoid exhaustion during your tours. The city is generally affordable especially on guest houses but be sure to reserve in advance to avoid frustration in accommodation.

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