02 September 2013

Airline pressured to bump up compensation for passengers

airline compensation

You turn up for your flight, and the airline representative announces the plane is over booked. They’re asking for volunteers to skip this flight in exchange for compensation. How much should you expect?

According to Air Canada, $800. The Canadian airline recently offered to increase the compensation offered to passengers because the government regulator ruled that its current offers enough.

Currently they give passengers just $100 cash and a $200 travel voucher, but the Canadian Transport Agency ruled this was insufficient. Longer delays often result in greater compensation, with airlines often – but not always – agreeing to go above the standard compensation package when customers put themselves forward in the case of overbooking.

The amount offered for delayed flights – and different kinds of delay – depends between regions and airlines. But in many instances, passengers can secure extra perks for being good Samaritans, such as upgrades to first or business class on top of their compensation.

It all depends on how well you can barter with the airline at the check-in desk, and if you're willing to kick up a stink with the airline -- or with the regulator -- after the matter.

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