14 March 2012

The Worlds Strangest Beaches

When we think of a beach we tend to imagine a traditional white sanded beach with beautiful palm trees. However there are some great beaches around the globe which do not fit in this typical mold. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these strange beaches with very unique features.

Punalu’u Beach

Punalu’u Beach is located in the Island of Hawaii. It’s relatively accessible and tourists can actually swim in the sea although it’s a bit rocky. The unique feature of Punalu’u Beach is the fact that its sand is colored black. The black sand comes from basalt and lava cooling in the water before it reaches the ocean.

Papakolea Beach

It’s another popular beach in Hawaii not because of its beautiful hotels and amenities but because of its sand. Instead of the traditional white sand you can find in Hawaii, Papakolea Beach features green sand. The sand’s color comes from Olivine, which is a mineral very common on the island. When the mineral and the sand mix it forms a green coloured beach.

Pfeiffer Beach

Located in Big Sur, California, Pfeiffer Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the state. It is highly accessible, has a wide range of recreational facilities and a unique sand color. Pfeiffer Beach often comes with pink sand in some areas and purple in some locations.

Hyams Beach

The Australian destination has a traditional seaside atmosphere and tourists can easily enjoy a good beach without the crowd. If you are looking for something more traditional the sand on this beach is white.


Daniela said...

Its wonderful and amazing that nature offer such beauty and uniquiness. Personally,the palce that i would like to visit is the Punalu'u Beach, which is located in the Island of Hawaii. The idea of visiting a beach that its sand is black, and especially the reason for being black make this beach a unique destination

Anonymous said...

I liked this article a lot. I did not know that a beach with green sand exist (I knew about the one with black sand, in one of the Spanish islands one can see it).
The Pfeiffer Beach made me think: it is a beach where you can spot Michelle Pfeiffer.
I quite liked the beach with olivine. Added it on my to do list.

Taylor said...

The black sand is found on some other islands like La Palma, but this green sand, I never heard about it, i really need to see this. Pfeiffer Beach is actually a very nice place, I enjoyed quite much the water and the beach over there.

Anonymous said...

I would be really interested in walking on black or purple sand. The white sand in australia looks beautiful, but I would definitely like to see some more colorful sand. seems like the next trip has to be to hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I recently traveled to Tenerife which is a Volcanic Island. All of the beaches there were Black from the volcanic activity. The green beach is very interesting to me as I am sure it is a sight to behold!

Ana-Maria said...

Totally agree! These beaches are weird, but remarkable and amazing in the same time. Thanks for sharing! Now I have few more places I must visit and explore. Pfeiffer Beach is first on my list due to its pink colored sand.

Toka said...

I've been to a beach in Sri Lanka which has hue of bronze. The locals told me it is due to the high copper content in the sand. It was a magnificent site.

Pedro Santos said...

Congratulations for the article.
I had not imagined that all these colors in the sand!!!