02 February 2012

Unusual Winter Holiday Destinations

A winder holiday vacation often involves skiing, snowboarding and other adventure sports during winter. Aside from these activities, a holiday destination often involves a few days off in a beautiful winter hotel where guests can enjoy warm cozy room in the middle of snowy mountains. It’s a beautiful setting that can create lasting memories.
But for adventurers, a day or two skiing in a beautiful snow landscape is never enough. There are places adventurers visit during the winter season where they can experience something totally different.
Icebox Days (International Falls, Minnesota)
Celebrated every 3rd week of January, Icebox Days are an increasingly popular winter festivity in the northern part of USA. Activities such as frozen turkey bowling, different types of unique snow-based racing and the FYGBR or the Freeze Your Gizzard Blizzard Run are only some of the things you can do during Icebox Days.
Hovercraft Tour (LuleƄ, Sweden)
LuleĆ„ is a very popular tourist destination during the winter season. It’s the place people visit to experience the vastness of the sea in a completely frozen condition. The tour is done through hovercraft for safety purposes but guests will still have a chance to visit and walk in the water to experience extremely low temperature.
Seafood Safari (Grebbestad, Sweden)
Another popular tourist destination during winter in Sweden is Grebbestad where the town has a Seafood Safari. Think of this activity as a safari adventure but only in the sea and you get to enjoy different types of seafood especially lobsters. For the foodies, this is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday season.

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Johnny said...

Sweden is such a nice country! There are so many things you can do there especially in winter! I really want to spent some days there and go for a winter seafood safari. Hovercraft tour seems very excited too!