10 June 2008

Thomas Cook buy Jet Tours, third major purchase this year

Well it has certainly been a busy year for Thomas Cook. After buying luxury holiday company Elegant Resorts in February and web travel company Hotels4u.com in April, they are now moving in to buy Jet Tours from Club Mediterranee as well as Canadian travel wholesaler TriWest Travel Holdings.

This £56 million move will secure Thomas Cook a healthy 10% slice of the French market quiche, as Jet Tours serves about 270,000 people a year. Apparently, the company still has enough cash to carry out the purchases and next year looks promising for them, as these moves have made them France’s third largest tour operator.

Undoubtedly, the booking, ticketing and reservation platforms Thomas Cook uses will be combined to simplify and expedite service to customers and decrease their costs. Income should also increase as these purchases will allow Thomas Cook to sell a wider range of products through well established names.

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