11 June 2008

Rent a car in New Orleans and see unflinching pride and determination

When hurricane Katrina ploughed through New Orleans in 2005 the world was shocked at the devastation. Further shock came when months went by and nothing was done for the residents. But it has been 2 years now, and even though there is evidence of destruction, the locals have not given up. In fact, things are going back to the way they were. The blues requires suffering to ring true, and there are few others that have gone through such events and lived to sing about it.

Despite the destruction to many buildings, the Jazz Cafes and after hours bars have filled up, and the Mardi Gras and parades have returned to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. All around the city are indications of the luxury of the deep south and museums stand witness to the diverse cultures living in the city. The best way to get around, if you intend to take in all the sights, is by car and I recommend to rent a car in New Orleans using SideStep, whose website offers a wide variety of cars for very low prices. In fact, as far as renting car rental websites go it is very well organised and simple to use.

So check out when the next Mardi Gras is, jump on a plane, get into your rental car and see what these people survived and how they are doing now. They'll be glad to see you and you'll be helping them get back on their feet.

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