05 February 2008

Silverjet on a winter high

Rumours have it that Silverjet has had a vey strong month in sales. Several factors have contributed.
  • MaxJet has fallen, giving many customers away to Silverjet, not wanting to opt for the main carriers or Eos.
  • British Airways OpenSkies launch really backs the Silverjet model and further increases competition but also brings much needed publicity. The market seems big enough for everyone.
  • Silverjet has improved in many ways. The product has improved with new ultra flat seats and services are running smoother. The Dubai route has been a success and the company should be looking to now further it's reach in new destinations.

No question the market is tight for profits but OpenSkies came out to compete with players like EOS and Silverjet.

Is it a story of the big guys coming out to play with the little guys or is this turning into a race for delivering more value at an affordable price?


Anonymous said...

That's ok, the better they are the better service is for costumers. No wonder their sales is higher.

Anonymous said...

Lot of interesting stuff happening at Silverjet. Two new long-haul 767s arriving. They're talking about Shanghai, LA, San Francisco...

Also they're building a new 'silver class' lounge at Newark airport which is going to be the first lounge where you can step out of your cab on the kerb and walk right in.

They've already got an amazing lounge at London Luton but the Newark lounge isn't as good in comparison. The new one's going to have a gourmet restaurant, bar etc.