25 February 2008

Go cruising in Queensland

Queensland is a popular tourist destination in Australia and also a home to a multitude of tourist places such as the Great Reef, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, a great number of zoos and theme parks like Dreamworld Sea World, Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo and Movieland.

For those who have a limited budget for activities, there is also the option of cruising. Mirimar Cruises is the oldest cruise company in the region of Queensland. For their operations they use the well-known cruise boat MV Mirimar that has served the residents and tourists of Queensland continuously since 1934.

This is a very comfortable vessel provided with full bar and other rest room facilities. The famous Wildlife River Cruise in Brisbane can take passengers 20 Klm up the Brisbane River on the vessel MV Mirimar. The cruise takes about one and a half hours including a full and pretty interesting commentary by the skipper. Homemade food and soft drinks are served out during the cruise. Passengers then can enjoy a two- hour visit to the popular Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary just before rejoining the Mirimar for a relaxing journey back to the noisy city.

Travel in Australia is like no other country to holiday on earth and Queensland is a place that makes your journey unforgettable.

Mirimar Cruises in Queensland

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