24 May 2007

Booking hotels in Europe

Before the invasion of the Internet, hotel bookings used to be a nightmare for travellers worldwide. While things have majorly improved it can still be difficult to book and manage your itinerary. Eurobookings are committed to offering you easy European hotel bookings in a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective fashion.

However Eurobookings have more aces up their sleeves. Apart from the customer friendly attitude and the great selection of hotels around Europe, they also offer very competitive rates with no reservation fees, no cancellation fee and absolutely no payment in advance. To me this sounds like a very good deal, since most hotels will tie you in and then refuse to refund if something goes wrong. So you cannot expect more from a booking website if you are looking for peace of mind, making sure that you are being taken care of, before you part with hard-earned money.

The website is suitably translated into 12 European languages and there is an interactive map of Europe where you can pick your location as well as a great travel guide. Their things to do section, covers many locations and speciality travel opportunities. Last but not least you can now book car rentals for easier access to attractions.

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