04 April 2006

Travel industry take advantage of E-commerce

The travel industry needs to take better advantage of the Internet and e-commerce principles. This is among the suggestions that a new report on the travel sector issued by Industry Canada. A Guide for the Canadian Retail Travel Services Industry New Strategies and Business Models looks how the sector can navigate its current transition phase and move forward.

"This report could not be more timely as travel agencies are adapting to a totally new environment," said Marc-André Charlebois, President and CEO of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA). "It provides concrete examples of ways that agencies can improve and enhance their business operations and open up new sources of revenue."

Along with exploring e-commerce the report also recommended that travel agencies look at setting up partnerships with related business to provide one-stop services for customers. Currency exchange, insurance, and cargo/freight forwarding options were listed as a few examples.

The report also called on businesses within the industry to promote Canada as an attractive tourist destination. This promotion is believed to strengthen the country’s overall economy while providing travelers with cheaper vacation options.

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