10 March 2006

New Travel Search Engine

Travelgrove announced their new breed of travel meta-search called "ultimatesearch", which allows customers to search for airline tickets from multiple vendors at once. The user sits back and waits a few seconds until Travelgrove's travel search engine spits out the best travel deals sorted by price. While this is just a beta test for airline tickets, Travelgrove has already announced to do this for all major travel products, car rentals, hotels, vacations and cruises.

The company believes in a one-stop solution for travellers, allowing for the best possible shopping experience online. Interestingly enough, there has been only little focus on search within the travel industry. Most bargain hunters have been checking the large consolidators such as Expedia and Travelocity. With travel search engines like Travelgrove hitting the market, the travel industry is bound to become much more transparent to the benefit of the consumers and the merchants that are willing and able to remain competitive.

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