10 March 2006

Etihad Airways announces more routes

Etihad will launch six flights a week to Terminal 2A at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport from 1 June. The new service will offer a total weekly capacity of 1296 seats, and will further boost the cargo capacity into the European market.

The Abu Dhabi-based international airline will operate some of the world's most technologically advanced aircraft to Paris, including the modern Airbus A330-200, in a three Zone configuration, designed to offer high standards of comfort, luxury and style. The A330-200 can accommodate 216 Guests in the 3 Zones, 12 seats in Diamond, 24 in Pearl and 180 seats in Coral. - and offers a cargo capacity of 15 tons each way.

The new Dhaka route also follows Etihad Airways' ambitious plans to link Abu Dhabi to the world's most important commercial and cultural centres, and will provide a major service to the 350,000 Bangladeshi nationals based in the UAE.

Etihad will launch four flights a week to Dhaka from 3 May 2006, increasing to five per week from 5 June 2006. The new service will offer a total weekly capacity of 1,465 seats, and 15 tons of cargo, in each direction.

The new Casablanca route will start on 1 July 2006 and will operate four times a week. Guests will be able to enjoy the luxury of the Etihad Airways A330-200, configured to carry 22 Guests in Pearl Zone and 240 Guests in the Coral Zone.

Etihad's continued route expansion in 2006 means that by mid-2006 the Abu Dhabi-based carrier will be flying to 30 international routes. With Etihad's ambitions to fly to 70 destinations by 2010, these latest announcements show the luxury carrier well on schedule to meet that target.

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