21 December 2007

Holidays in Cyprus, 10 things you need to know

Cyprus is a highly sought after travel destination in the mediterranean. People flock to the island for over 8 months a year since the weather is very mild during spring and autumn and can get very warm in the summer. Perfect conditions for a summer holiday, but if you are not into the 30-40 celcious you can visit outside the main period (June-Aug) and save some money too!

BookCyprus.com does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to book your holidays including hotels, car hire, airport transfers and tours.

They also have a very cool feature to prepare your own holiday package including hotel nights, car hire and the transfer from and to the airport. It's called 'Build your package' and it is a travel shopping basket for different requirements.

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Anonymous said...

Great holiday to Cyprus we really enjoyed it. Paphos is a great tourist spot with many attractions, the Water Park, Akamas, Diving and much more. Great place. It was made even better because we purchased a tourist discount card which meant we got discounts at various restaurants, discount on entrance at the Water Park and we even got discount on our car hire. My statement is Cyprus is great as a tourist but you need you credit card! MyTouristCard please keep going and increasing your portfolio!!