11 September 2007

Activities, experiences and adventures from Isango!

The online travel space is highly congested and fiercely competitive. In order therefore to make a real mark you need to think out of the box, innovating in terms of a business proposition as well as a consumer offering.
One of the few websites that manage to do just that, is up-and-coming Isango!.
The obvious difference and competitive advantage that Isango! has over others is a strict focus on activities, experiences, adventures, sightseeing and other must-do components of your holidays.
At the heart of the offering lies a wide (perhaps the widest) selection of such activities online. A key component is the low cost with no added fees, as Isango! can afford to drive cost down with its special partnerships with the likes of Ryanair and Lycos.
If you are travelling to Brazil, the USA, Russia or anywhere else for that matter you are unlikely to find more diverse activities from snorkelling, trekking, indigenous holidays to romantic retreats.

There are no hidden costs and Isango! is clear and transparent about the way it's doing business which is a breath of fresh air in the travel industry.

Don't forget to check out the fantastic deals on the lowest possible prices.
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